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Oceanside Sea Center

Phone: (760) 450 0403
Address: 315 Harbor Drive South
Oceanside CA 92054


Oceanside Sea Center has 4 boats to meet your needs. We offer fishing, whale watching and burials at sea. Please contact us for a private charter. The Sea Center brings together Captain Joe Cacciola of Sea Star Charters and Captain Ernie Prieto of Chubasco Sportfishing to develop a new landing experience in Oceanside Harbor. The landing will continue to offer traditional open party sportfishing trips with an emphasis on customer service, community involvement and the consistency you deserve.

Species Counts For This Month
Specie Counts
Fish Counts
Dorado 1,880
Calico Bass 594
Rockfish 366
Sculpin 363
Red Snapper 118
Whitefish 97
Sheephead 25
Sand Bass 16
Barracuda 14
White Seabass 11
Bonito 3
Yellowtail 2
Yellowfin Tuna 2
Mackerel 1
Trigger Fish 1
Bluefin Tuna 1
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